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Horse bets - we're on the track! Value is showing at the Sandown circuit

Horse bets - we're on the track! Value is showing at the Sandown circuit
Analysis column and punter bets suggestion on horses: we do not seek to hit winners, but to suggest bets that contain long-term value.

Sandown Bet - Race 6 - 19:00 (UK)
by Josué Ramos   |   comments 0

In race number 6 in Sandown, we have a strong race in a very dubious class 3. Where many animals become favorites due to minimum requirements, as they have little history.


So there is evidence that Stag Horn, with Doyle';s mount, could be an interesting surprise here in this match of 14 furlongs. The race is long for a flat match, however, even though the distance is a complicating factor, the requirement is equivalent and makes the search more detailed.

Thus, I believe that Stag Horn will be very valuable in this match, since they have a good track record in the distance of the race and also in going. Their weights do not seem to harm their performance in this match and Doyle's mount should give the necessary aggressiveness to enhance its performance.

19:00 (UK)
23 JUL 2020
1m6f Young Stayers Handicap (Class 3) (3yo 0-95)

Stag Horn J: Hollie Doyle
T: Archie Watson

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In this column we are not looking to hit winners but rather to suggest bets that contain long-term value, however we do not guarantee profit and are not responsible for any losses.
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