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Best bets for Thursday 23/07/20

Best bets for Thursday 23/07/20
Follow the best bets for Thursday 23/07/20!
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Wednesday, July 22 2020

Find here the best bets for Thursday, with very disputed matches and excellent odds. Through this card, below we will provide you with the best bets of the day. Therefore, we will start with the great match between Udinese and Juventus, where the visiting team is focused on searching for the title. Subsequently, we will have a duel between Chicago Fire and Vancouver, counting for MLS and worth the qualification. Still for MLS, the next match will be between LA Galaxy and Houston, in a game that does not have a big favorite. Last but not least, a game counting for the Swedish league, Malmö, hosts the team from Hammarby, and will go out of their way to do their homework.

Football | Itália Serie A - Udinese vs Juventus:
Udinese will have a difficult duel ahead, as they fight at the bottom of the table, and try to distance themselves further from the unwanted zone. Now, they will face the best team in the competition, and bet on the local factor as a possible advantage for an unlikely victory. Juventus is getting closer and closer to the Serie A title. In addition to being the current champion, it is the one that clearly has the most chances of winning this season. So they go with everything to get 3 more points and leave their opponents even more behind. Juve is aiming for the title and will go with total focus in search of that, which is very close to happening, as they are superior to its opponent in all aspects. Thus, there is no better bet than the victory of the visiting team. Therefore, this bet goes into Thursday's best bets.
Football | Major League Soccer is Back  - Chicago Fire vs Vancouver:
The Chicago Fire team has so far won a game and suffered a loss in the MLS. Thus, their qualification for the next stage depends on this victory. They have a good team, and they have a good chance of beating Vancouver. Vancouver failed to score any points. They are not in a good moment, but they will try to show better football. For the need to score points and to be more qualified, we will bet on the victory of the Chicago Fire. So, this comes in as one of the best bets for Thursday.

Football Major League Soccer is Back  - LA Galaxy vs Houston Dynamo:

LA Galaxy is not doing a good competition so far and will now go all out to try to secure the 3 points. In two games, there were two defeats, so they will have to change this scenario. Houston Dynamo, in two matches, managed a draw and suffered a defeat. With that, the Houston team has chances to qualify and will focus on finding that. They are superior to their opponent and they are motivated. Thus, we see this as a good bet suggestion.

Football | Suécia Allsvenskan  - Malmö vs Hammarby:

Malmö ended up in second place in last season's competition. This time, it comes with everything aiming for the championship title, since they've had a great start. In addition, they hold the best defense of the championship. Now, working at home, they will try to do their homework. Hammarby does not have the same start as its opponent in the competition, because its oscillations prevent it from having a greater success in the table. However, it is only the start of the competition and they should be chasing the lost points. Still, Malmö is superior and the favorite to win in this match. Therefore, our bet will be on the victory of the home team.


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