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Advices for beginners in Sports Betting

Listed below are some advices for beginners looking to become successful players.

Learn to analyze a game before placing a bet

One of the biggest mistakes players make is to place bets without analysing the aspects of the event.

The psychoemotional aspect of betting

When you are betting, it is not you against the world. It is you against yourself. It is brain against brain. Your mind fighting in a game of distrust, anxiety, indecision, ecstasy and regret. Every decision has a story and each story is unique, as is the individual who experiences it.

Floyd Mayweather and his future empire in the game industry

Boxer Floyd Mayweather plans to invest in the construction of a casino empire in Japan.

Central Bank restricts operations with creditcards in bets and games

The Central Bank limited abroad operations in dollars with bank cards.

Interview with the professional player Josué Ramos

In this interview, Josué talks about his career, about his retirement, the difficulties of working with little and a lot of money and his books and he also offers important advice for those who want to achieve success in sports betting.

Casinos are near to be launched in Japan

After a delay in completion, the regulatory body has a defined date for it to be established.

Bookmaker closes activities and defines a withdrawal period

With the announcement from its operator, the gambling site closes and reiterates the deadline for players to withdraw funds.

Games industry can generate €3,2 thousand millions annually and hoteliers are thrilled

The House of Representatives bill that legalizes gambling makes hoteliers hopeful.

Kingtrader is no longer free. What alternatives are there?

KingTrader, the trading software for Betfair is no longer free, but are there any alternatives?



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