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Best bets for Friday 23/04/21

Follow the best bets for Friday 23/04/21!

What are Moneyline bets?

We will explain how the Moneyline betting market works.

Best bets for Thursday 22/04/21

Follow the best bets for Thursday 22/04/21!

Important definitions for making a betting career

In betting, care must be taken with the goals, objectives and time interval to fulfill them.

Best bets for Wednesday 21/04/21

Follow the best bets for Wednesday 21/04/21!

Best bets for Tuesday 20/04/21

Follow the best bets for Tuesday 20/04/21!

How to use the Pareto Principle in sports betting

To be successful in betting, some elements are necessary, as we can show with the Pareto Principle.

How much should I bet per bet?

This is a recurring question in betting, however, there are methods to assist you in betting.

Best bets for Monday 19/04/21

Follow the best bets for Monday 19/04/21!

Best bets for Sunday 18/04/21

Follow the best bets for Sunday 18/04/21!

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Month's top Tipsters

1 Marco2528 20€ 2,638%
2 fabioribeiro 17,5€ 2,570%
3 RPTrader 15€ 2,123%
4 neju15 12,5€ 1,555%
5 hcmanager 10€ 1,499%
6 RJMeloMag 10€ 1,416%
7 godinho1906 10€ 1,354%
8 Carlos Santos0433 10€ 1,352%
9 Roys17 10€ 1,215%
10 Domingos29 10€ 1,210%
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