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What is 1X2? Learn all about the main betting market

What is 1X2? Learn all about the main betting market
Before you start placing your bets, find out about the most popular sports market: the 1X2 bet.
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Thursday, January 11 2024

You may be just starting out in the world of sports betting and want to know what 1X2 is. It's the main market that bettors are looking for, but we're going to explain it all in detail.

Take a look at the topics we're going to cover:

So, we'll start with the basics of what this market is, as well as a practical example to help you understand it all.

Then we will also talk about other types of bets and take the opportunity to address the importance of preparing your bets.

So you know you can read our article to find out all about the 1X2 bet: what it is, of course, and much more.

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What is 1X2?

This is basically the most basic concept when it comes to the sports betting market. 1X2 is, in a nutshell, a bet in which you predict whether a certain match will end in a draw or a win for one of the teams.


More common in football, as sports such as tennis do not have draws, the significance of this market is as follows:

  • 1: Victory for the home team
  • X: The match ends in a draw
  • 2: Victory for the visiting team

This is a market that has got three betting options: the three possible outcomes in a sports match such as football. In cases such as basketball, you will find options such as "Winner of the match" or "Home/Away".

The 1x2 market can also appear under different names: 1X2 score, moneyline, result, match odds, final result, winner of the match...

In addition to the most common market, the 1X2, you can find others oriented to certain periods of the match or even statistical data. Below, we explain all the markets you can find.

- 1X2 Full time

This is the most common bet: betting on which team will come out on top at the end of the match. In a football match, for example, this is the result at the end of 90 minutes.

- 1X2 Half-time

It can appear as "Half Time" or as "1st Half". Of course, this means that the 1X2 bet only refers to the result of the match at the end of the first 45 minutes, in the case of football.

- 1X2 2nd Half

In this case, the bet is only for the second half of the match. Please note that the score of the first half does not matter: it is as if the second half started with no goals or no points.

- Other 1X2 markets

Depending on the bookmaker, you can find other 1X2 markets. In football, it is common to see markets for corners or cards. In the end, the logic remains the same: 1 for the home team, 2 for the away team and X for a draw.

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Practical example of a 1X2 bet


As you can see in the example above, FC Barcelona play at home and are therefore the number 1 team. As visitors, CA Osasuna are number 2 in this 1X2 market, while X means, of course, a draw.

So, that's what each selection would mean in this market:

This example is from football, but in some sports there are no draws. The logic is identical, even if the market is not called 1X2. Look at the following case:


Yes, in basketball there can be draws, but only in regulation time. After that, the match continues and most bookmakers show the winner's market.

Other betting markets

Of course, there are many other markets to bet on in different sports, be it football, basketball, tennis or many others. Check out some of them here.

- Double Chance

As the name suggests, this market is a bet where you predict two outcomes: 1 or X (home team win or draw); 2 or X (away team win or draw); 1 or 2 (one of the two teams wins). The odds may be less attractive, but the probability of winning is higher.

- Both teams to score

It is more common in football, as it does not make sense in sports such as basketball or tennis. Also known as BTS, this market is used by those who believe that both teams in the match will be able to score.

- Number of goals or points

It depends on the sport, but it is common in many sports. In football, for example, it is common to find the Over 2.5 goals bet. This is a market where you believe, in the example above, that there will be at least three goals at the end of the match.


- Handicap

Basically, this is a bet where you give a fictitious advantage or disadvantage to a team and the actual result has to match your virtual prediction. It's a good way to find better odds.

- Draw No Bet

This one is easy to understand: by placing this bet, you can get your money back if the match ends in a draw. Draw No Bet or DNB are terms that refer to the same market.

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The importance of preparing a bet

Attention: our advice is not to bet randomly. You may win one or more bets, but in the long run it is important that you bet correctly.

Even the best bettors in the world can't do without good preparation and analysis in their betting. It is essential that you do so, because only then can you be more confident in your investments.

A good way to prepare your bets is, of course, to study the match. Pay attention to the statistics and know the history between the teams or players you want to bet on..

You can also read previews or tips from other bettors. You don't have to follow these tips in detail, but they are a good way to help you be more prepared.

As we couldn't fail to mention, make sure you gamble responsibly. Gambling addiction can have huge consequences and you should treat it as a hobby, especially if you are not a professional.

Best bookmakers

In these bookmakers, of course, you will find the market we are talking about in this article, but also many others. Discover below some of the main features of each of these bookmakers:

- 888bet 888bet-logo

Popular for its wide range of sports betting choices, which include cricket, basketball, and football, 888bet is a complete online betting site. It has a user-friendly design and attractive odds and it guarantees a smooth betting experience for its Tanzanian customers. They are a reliable option in the nation because of their dedication to safe transactions and responsible gaming, establishing itself as one of the best bookmakers in the country.

- Premier Bet premierbet-logo

Offering a large selection of virtual games and sports markets, Premier Bet is a popular sports betting website in Africa, that also serves the Tanzanian market. Premier Bet offers a fun and interesting betting experience with an emphasis on regional sports and competitive odds. Their dedication to ethical gaming and fair play is well received in Tanzania. They also offer a major Premier Bet welcome bonus.

- 1xBet 1xbet-logo

Tanzanian consumers can access a wide range of sports betting markets, casino games, and live streaming services on 1xBet, an international betting website. 1xBet guarantees an engaging betting experience and is renowned for its extensive coverage and variety of betting possibilities and a great 1xBet welcome bonus. They are a popular option in Tanzania because to their mobile app and a variety of payment options.

- Betway betway-logo

Offering an array of sports markets, casino games, and virtual sports to Tanzanian bettors, Betway is one of the popular online sports betting and casino platform worldwide. Betway provides an easy-to-use interface and attractive odds for a smooth betting experience and also provides a major Betway Tanzania welcome bonus. They are popular in Tanzania thanks to their dedication to safe gaming and local sponsorship agreements.

- Bet365 bet365-logo

Globally renowned wager giant Bet365 offers a wide range of sports betting markets, live streaming, and in-play choices to its Tanzanian customers. Bet365 provides a first-rate betting experience and is renowned for its dependability and competitive odds. Their commitment to safe gaming and their effective customer service have established them as a reliable option in Tanzania.

- Betfair betfair-logo

Tanzanian consumers can enjoy a distinctive betting experience at Betfair, an established international sportsbook and betting exchange. For punters in Tanzania, Betfair provides cutting-edge choices with an emphasis on exchange betting and a wide range of sports markets. They stand out in the market thanks to their dedication to fair play and state-of-the-art betting technology.

Frequently Asked Questions
This is the most common bet in sports and it’s based on predicting one of three outcomes: home win, away win or draw. 1X2 means exactly that: 1 is a win for the home team, X is a draw and 2 is a win for the visiting club or athlete.
In addition to 1X2, double chance, draw no bet, goals or number of points are some of the most popular markets among bettors.
There are many that can be considered the best bookmakers in Tanzania. 888bet, Premier Bet, 1xBet and Betway are four examples of reliable operators with a good offer.